Mind Your Health
The term "Mind" is used in two senses. The first meaning is to give attention to your health, as to be aware of how you eat and carry out your lifestyle. The second use of "mind" is the recognition of the influence of the emotional-mental state both consciously and unconsciously on your health.

This site will serve as an informational source for health information that is or will be available by means of webcasts, video podcasts and webinars. This site will be continually updated as to events, costs and other pertinent information on accessing these events.

Questions and comments will be addressed on our Forum Page, www.mindyourhealthcast.org.

In keeping with the principle of providing important health and personal development information, the following website is a very valuable resource: www.SelfGrowth.com

Alternative Health and Prevention, LLC

   For those desiring information about Dr. Mayfield's health programs at the Alternative Health Center as well as the newest protocols available may do so by clicking the link below to the website. 
   The newest programs will have five different levels and prices.  Patients with limited budgets can begin a meaningful program to get started or for general support. 
   The highest level program is for the chronically ill patient or for individuals that want a powerful prevention/anti-aging program. The various systems of the body will be monitored and addressed for the most complete program available anywhere.

   Alternative Health and Prevention, LLC website. Click here.

The decision was made to disseminate information for the general public as well as physicians and health care professionals by way of the internet. Inasmuch as the cost of travelling, hotels and food as well as time - off from the office has increased the cost to attend a seminar or workshop several hundred dollars above the tuition.  The webinar concept fits perfect to reduce the cost in time and dollars. The public will have access to the latest health research and product information from the home setting by way of video podcasts and webcasts.  The webinars will be in the "open forum" format that will allow for questions and discussion during the webinar.

You may email your comments, suggestions or questions to :
ddmayfield@mindyourhealthcast.com  We will have a FAQ time set aside in the broadcasts.

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